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Taking into account the importance of the M’zab valley, the monuments and the historic sites found in this area and the neighboring areas, in 1970 ,the Algerian authorities decided to create an institution called Studies Office of restoration of the M’ Zab Valley. Its mission ...

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In accordance with the provisions of article 12 of the executive decree No: 92/419 of the 11/17/1992,

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field of activity of the OPVM

We can as follows summarize the field of activity of the office according to the nature of the latter: - Architecture and town planning - rehabilitation of the ksars - restoration of the historic buildings

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Technical recommendations of the OPVM

A careful planning and perfect distribution of the structures necessary to the ksars: mosques, dwellings, streets and lanes,

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Editions of the OPVM

The OPVM inherited a considerable potential documents and archives

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