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The market yard

They are built by the places of the market (souk) established in the ksars. Each one of these places is characterized by particular characteristics. As a whole, they still undertake the role of structuring the economic activity since their creation. In their turn, they were the target of multiple operations of restoration.

   The souk is an adjoining place to the main entrance. It is an intermediate space between the inside and the outside of the city to keep its vocation of space of junction to the end of the city, its site develops according to the evolution of its ramparts.
    The souk is the activity center of the city and the public center; place of attraction, transaction, noise, and meetings, it is deliberately situated at the periphery of the city. Its position concerns on one hand, its mission in terms of goods supply that requires an easy access, on the other hand, of a social representation of the space which separates life privacy from public one, like the holy from the unholy.

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