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Around the year 1860, according to the process of gradual and continuous extension of the city of Beni-Isguen, the market place was moved to the place “Lalla Achou” the current market place at the auction sale, this name of a holy woman known as “Lalla Achou” which borrowed the place formerly used as agricultural land, and converted for use as a market Ksar.

This market place is far from downtown and located on the outskirts of the Ksar. It is triangular in shape (30, 59.56) distances of the sides, with an area of 806 m², on which the open shops and deposits are surrounded by masonry benches, well fitted to its most acute angle.

Béni-Isguen market has not experienced a break in its traditional business and it was flexible renovations.

The biggest feature of this place is definitely the auction sale held just after the daily prayer of "Aasr" except Friday. Business transactions are conducted under the watchful eye of members of the assembly of “Azzaba”.

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