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field of activity of the OPVM

We can as follows summarize the field of activity of the office according to the nature of the latter: -  Architecture and town planning
rehabilitation of the ksars
restoration of the historic buildings
-  Framing, and archiving of cultural activities.


*    Structure and town planning


    The OPVM is given the responsibility to study and supervise the files of architecture and town planning which are obligatorily subjected to its appreciation. He gives his opinions and his recommendations taking account of the requirements needed to preserve and promote the architectural and urban local heritage, and this, by conforming them to the rules and the local followed traditions, as to the standards which it is necessary to respect as regards construction following the example: volumes of the masonries, materials employed, nature of the rough-casting of the walls and frontages, choice of colors… etc



The rehabilitation of the ksour 

    This operation consists of:
        - The  restoration of the houses inside Ksour.
        - The treatment of frontages of the houses.
        - Restoration of the networks: draining canals, drinking water, connection of the houses of the ksar

           to natural gas, public lighting.

   Installation and design ofplaces:


 the operation touched the places of the market.
 The operation aims to:
    -  The protection  and the promotion of the architectural heritage of Ksour.
    -  The consolidation and the valorization of the traditions of social solidarity.
    The  creation of workshops as schools of training.
    Training young unemployed people in the field of construction, especially those who do not have professional qualifications.
    -  The implication of the citizens in the business of management of their cities and sensitizing their role in the protection of their inheritance.
    -  The  valorization of the means and human resources as well as local materials.
    -  The protection and the maintenance of the national and universal heritage.
    -  Assure the sustainability of the architectural values of Ksour.
    -  The development and the promotion of the artisanal activities.
    -  The  Improvement of the citizens life conditions and the elimination of the continuous degradation made by people and the effects of nature.
Restorationofthehistoric buildings
    The M'zab valley which is classified national and world heritage, is distinguished by architectural and urban characteristics unique in their kind. It consists of a  considerable number of sites and historic buildings, varied in their functions and the places of their establishment, but what gathers them is the architectural touch which confers them unit and harmony. As a first being in charge of their protection, the Office of Protection and Promotion of the M'zab Valley OPVM and since its creation, is working each year to record annual vast programs.   During the previous decade, the monuments made the object of restoration, which, was simple at the beginning, has each year, increased the number and quality of interventions. The historic buildings took benefit from the current in the previous financial allocation which covered various sites and historic buildings, that we can mention as follows: Defensive Buildings, religious buildings, hydraulic structures, Economic infrastructures.
  The program knew its effective execution in October 2001. It was proceeded to the restoration of a considerable number of monuments distributed in all the classified zones of the wilaya. The operation is conducted jointly by the direction of the Culture of Wilaya and the research departments, buildings, with the technical assistance of the experts of the OPVM. According to the operation of close, this last was to take care:
* Sensitizing the citizens and the public opinion on the importance of these sites and historic buildings.
* To put an end to the systematic degradation of these monuments and to provide the effort aiming to their restoration and to maintain them for a longer possible time.
* Development of the techniques in the  use of local materials and their exploitation to ensure the perpetuation of the traditional architectural values
* Creation of school workshops, for the training of the craftsmen builders in the field of the restoration.
* To ensure sustainability of the cultural values in the M'Zab  valley .
* To develop the art of ancestral building in the M'Zab valley. 

Framing and archiving cultural activities   

  During the last decade, this sphere of activity knew two phases: the first was characterized by a limited and slow, but sure rhythm. The second which was the prolongation of the first, but with a new breath, represents a true departure at the time of the celebration of the millennium of El Atteuf. various birthdays are celebrated on  Annual based programs. We can quote the month of the inheritance starting from: April 18th of each year (world day of the monuments) to: May 18th (world day of the museums).

    Rich and diversified program take place these days like: exposure of awareness on the inheritance through the education institutions, open doors, conference, contest, workshops of work, days of technical studies, the celebration of the world and Arab day of housing, the world and Arab day of tourism…
   We will quote also participations in the various demonstrations not planned in internal programming, following the example of national fairs, of the demonstrations and the local and national celebrations: celebrates carpet, (from March 23rd to March 30th), international meetings.

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