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Taking into account the importance of the M’zab valley, the monuments and the historic sites found in this area and the neighboring areas, in 1970 ,the Algerian authorities decided to create an institution called Studies Office of restoration of the M’ZAB Valley. Its mission consists of:
* Select the historical value and archaeological of this inheritance.
* Sensitizing people about the need of maintaining this treasure.
* Making Studies and establishing a reference library of the sites and monuments.
* supervising and hosting students , researchers and visitors at these sites and monuments.
In order to allow a better management of the valley of the M’ZAB inheritance, the workshop was promoted into an institution : Office of the Studies for the protection and the promotion of the M’ZAB  valley, under the terms of the legislative decree: 92/419 and 92/420 of November 17th, 1992. Thus, the Office was extended with varied powers in order to protect the inheritance of the Mzab valley and the surrounding areas, including:
* To ensure the implementation of the legislation related to the protected inheritance.
* To develop the use of the local architectural style like a source of inspiration and reference in the construction of new buildings and the urban configuration.
* Use of research in the field of integrated housing and local building materials.
* To create a database on the historic and natural sites, and  promote scientific research as well as the exploitation of the archeological sites.
* To support and promote the traditional artisanal and hand craft activities.
* To express opinions and advices on the delivery of all new buildings or a new relay
* Update and to organize teaching and communication activities, through public awareness campaigns.
Being a part of the Algerian ministry of Culture, the Office must provide periodically to the real task of the architectural and urban heritage and local arts and crafts under the supervision of the Minister in charge and of coordination with the local dealers. It also has to take care of  all the archeological sites and all the monuments, where its the intervention is highly necessary, in particular, at work of restoration and the promotion (of the places on the market, the mosques and the towers of defense, water, and old houses, etc….).
the Office realized Complex and multiform Operations. Under the high ministry and in coordination with the local public authorities, considerable efforts of the institution and a certain number of activities have been realized in the aim of the protection and the promotion from the cultural heritage.
In addition, it is advisable to notice the need for concentrating on public awareness campaigns, which is among the main tasks of the Office of protection and promotion of the M’ zab valley.
And to implement activities through the organization of events and the celebration of various occasions, including:
* The annual celebration of the Month of the inheritance from April 18th to May 18th.
* To organize and take part in various meetings treating of questions of architecture and town planning in particular, and the development and the promotion of the inheritance in general.

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