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The pressing need for people to adapt themselves with the site and the harsh climate, which distinguishes from the considerable variations of heat, forced the population of Chebka of Mzab to come out with the optimization of using available local materials. They will provide thus the requirements of solidity and of the isolation without neglecting the esthetics which will distinguish any realization.

1)  Stone:     

White, extracted the layer of limestone constituting the surface rock. It is presented under various dimensions. It is adapted to the transport requirements towards the workplace, its final size will be the work of the builder who will bring the appropriate adjustments to the nature of the house. Once raised, the wall will be covered with a layer of lime mortar, which will harmonize its form.

2)-Lime (Aljir):

    Available in the area to abundance. Its extraction takes place from the surface layer of the hills. It is laid out in ovens a height of almost two meters.  Its burning takes place
same manner that the plaster Timchemt, but consumes from 05 to 06 times the quantity necessary to the plaster. What makes the spot more expensive.


3) Plaster (Timchemt):

 Local plaster, ashy-white color extracted from a surface layer or fields with a maximum depth of one meter. This plaster is burned in an oven having a bottom opening. The latter is provided out of wood and various scrap. The gibs is piled up on the dome of the oven on a depth of almost one meter and half to be burned during twenty-four hours. When the quantity of wood is consumed, the stone becomes soft; the plaster must be separated from waste and ready for consumption.


4)-The adobe (Tleght ) 

Bricks are manufactured out of argillaceous ground. After being soaked in water, it is mixed to be then poured into molds. The manufactured bricks are left to dry under the sun lights. Sometimes a quantity of hay is mixed with the paste to get more resistant bricks.



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