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the mosque

Mosques of the ksars, mosques of the oases and surfaces of funeral prayer. The interest of these buildings lies in the simplicity of their form contrary to the other mosques in the Muslim world which are distinguished from the urban setting of their establishment and by their imposing form and their excessive decoration.

   The mosques of Mzab on the other hand merge in the ksars  without being distinguished from  the whole of the homes around them. 
    Regarded as the directing and structuring element of the city, it sits in the center of the ksar, imposing the city by its volume and dominant position. This position as well as the obviousness of its minaret (of an imposing, pyramidal lengthened form), shows the importance of the mosque; and its minaret occupies the highest point. In the mosques of Mzab, simplicity was scrupulously adopted, at all levels; inside and outside.

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