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The Ksar of Bounoura "AT BOUNOUR"

It was founded in 1048 on the top of the hill at the foot of that cross the M’zab Oued with one of its tributary “Oued Azouil”.

Reading urban organization reflects the existence of two Ksours on this site. The first part now in ruins except that the mosque and the fortifications were restored, occupied the highest part where you can still make out the narrow alleys and size of homes that are smaller than those of the extension made during the thirteenth century and currently inhabited.



The characteristic of this second Ksar is the use of the boundary of the rocky plate with the Wadi as a base for rampart houses forming a true defensive front to the west, reaching a height of 20 meters. On the opposite side, at half-height of the small hill, the fortifications of the first core are the eastern boundary of the current Ksar.

As for each of the M’zab pentapole Ksar, Bounoura is surrounded by vast cemeteries that span large areas and almost surround the city. These real cities of the dead occupy a very important place in the collective memory and by respect they are the only areas where construction does not exist. This fact prevents suffocation of Ksar guaranteeing it an area free of construction.

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