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It was founded in 1350, Since its foundation Beni Isguen (At Izdjen) preserved completely its organizational model, including all of its walls lined on the inside by an alley along its perimeter with watchtowers. It is a city rich with library rooms in houses where you can see many manuscripts and books on various aspects of society and its Ibadite legislation (agriculture, law, fiqh, hydro, architecture, etc.).



The Ksar of Beni Isguen is located on the side of a peak halfway between Melika Ksar and Bounoura ksar at the confluence of the M'zab Valley Wadi and the Ntissa Wadi, the latter being its natural limit. The two main doors located in North and South (Bab Chergui and Bab Gherbi) and three gates leading to the different cemeteries. Access to the top of bordj Boulila, located on the highest point, allows a panoramic view of the palm and a reading of its privileged urban organization. All streets lead to the market place of triangular shape where every day, in the late afternoon, except Friday, held the ancestral auction sale.

The water supply was provided by the perforation of wells, distributed among the various districts, to allow the supply of the inhabitants. To cover the cost of maintaining the wells, it was planted next to each one of which palm dates are sold at the market.

The Ksar of  Beni-Isguen has benefited from several backup, restoration and rehabilitation. These mainly affected the entire defensive works, in conjunction with the launch of operations for the restoration of old houses to safeguard the architectural and urban planning of the city and to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

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